Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Month, Seven Months, Two Years

Wow, only one month until Christmas! Hard to believe that it is nearly December. This year seems to be flying by!! I better get out there and get my shopping done. The stores are getting crazy, even though the news reports that retail sales are down. Perhaps people are hanging out at the mall but not buying things. Or perhaps the media trying to scare people, as per usual. :P

Speaking of time flying - little Sara turned seven months this past Monday. Not so long ago she was a tiny baby and now she is getting so big. She is developing quite the cute little personality. She adores her big sister and desperately wants to do everything Danielle does and have everything that Danielle has - it doesn't seem to matter if it is food, or toys, or homework. She isn't crawling yet, but I am sure that she will soon figure out that it is the best way to reach whatever she wants and then nothing will be safe!

This past two weeks, I have taken on my largest digital scrapbooking project to date and I am happy to report that I am finally done! I created a 12 page book of Danielle's second birthday party. I learned that it is very different putting together a book vs putting together one page. I found myself redoing a few pages to get a more cohesive feel. And I did a lot of two page layouts, something I haven't done much of lately. At any rate, I am very pleased with the results:

Credits: Emma's Birthday by Inspired Mommie Designs, fonts are Book Antique and Pea Devon Caps.

One birthday down, five more to go! Maybe I can get some of them done before Sara's first rolls around! :)

Anyway, that is all from me today. Have a great week!

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