Monday, March 15, 2010

March is in like a lamb!

Well, here we are, two weeks into March already and the weather couldn't be more spring-like. The temperature got up to +11c over the weekend. Danielle spent most of Saturday afternoon playing outside with the kids from the neighbourhood, all of them in t-shirts and no jackets. The only time they grabbed any mittens is when they had a snowball fight with Brendon on the front street.

After a hard afternoon of biking, scootering, and playing, Danielle came home and relaxed for a bit in front of the TV with Sara:

This past weekend also finished up the skating and swimming lessons for this term. Danielle was close to passing both, but still has some skills to work on. She will be re-registered for swim kids 1, but probably not skating. At least not until the fall/winter sessions start.

Sara is still growing like a little weed. She finally figured out how to pull herself up to stand. Go figure that it would be on a day that I was away. I had a personal development day for Norwex, so I was gone from 8am until 5pm and wouldn't you know that when I got home, she had learned how to stand up. Of all the days to miss!

Oh well, she has been furiously practicing ever since! She has even progressed to trying to straighten up on her own - and some times she does! Often she lets go of whatever she is holding on to and stands unaided. The length of time that she can do it is increasing rapidly day by day.

Hopefully this means she will walk soon and that I won't miss this milestone when I go back to work. Which is only 5 short weeks from today. Wow - where does the time go??!

As you can see, she is also starting to take interest in the contents of the kitchen cupboard:

She hasn't discovered the cereal cupboard yet, unlike her sister who LOVED to grab a snack every chance she got:

Now that we are mid way through March, it also means that Mom & Dad will be back from BC soon. We have missed them and will be happy to have them back closer to home!

Easter and Spring Break are also rapidly approaching. This year really is flying by in a hurry! Does anyone know how to make it slow down? If so, please let me know ASAP!

Well, that's all for today! Hope you are happy and healthy and enjoying our early Spring weather!