Monday, November 16, 2009

November is half over already??

Wow, where is the time going? It seems like only yesterday that it was June! Maybe because the temperature is about the same now as it was then - ha ha! The summer was cold and rainy, but the fall sure has turned out to be unseasonably warm. It is still +7c today and sunny. The long range forecast is looking good too. I hope it stays this way for a while!

We all got our H1N1 flu shots on Friday. The needle itself wasn't so bad, but boy did my arm ache a few hours later! It seems about 90% better today, so by tomorrow it should be back to normal. I am glad I only need to get it once, but the girls will need a second dose. :P

We had a nice weekend, pretty much just kicked back and relaxed. We ended up going to Sears and bought a new microwave since the old one died (that makes 3 microwaves in 6 years!) I am hoping this one will last. It is a microwave/convection oven/grill combination. We gave it a try last night and it works really well! We did baked potatoes (convection), steaks (grill), and green beans (microwave) and it all turned out really well!! The steaks were medium and very tender, not at all tough like microwaved meat. All that in under an hour in one appliance. I was very impressed! Now I want to try making a chicken or baking a cake to see how it turns out.

I did a few Christmas scrapbook pages late last week since the season is fast approaching and I still need to scrap photos from Christmases past. I am trying to incorporate more journaling in my pages so that they are more meaningful. I better put the memories behind the photos to paper soon or I am bound to forget!

Credits: Christmas is Coming by Inspired Mommie Designs, Peel and Stick alpha and Red Card Alpha by Misty Cato, template by Karah Fredricks., font is Traveling Typewriter

Journaling reads:
A few days before Christmas, Danielle and I made this gingerbread house. It was a lot of fun, but next time I think I will assemble the house the night before. For some reason, five-year-olds have no patience for instructions that read “wait two hours before assembling the next section...”

Credits: Christmas is Coming by Inspired Mommie Designs, font is Pea Chrissi

Journaling reads:
Danielle was so excited to see the Santa parade for the first time. She didn’t evem seem to mind the cold. We oohed and awwed over all of the floats as they went by and Danielle kept asking when we would finally get to see santa. Of course he was the last float. As it went by, his voice called out over the crowd “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas to Amanda and Brendon and Christine and Donald and Elizabeth and...”

When he was out of earshot. Danielle turned to me and I expected to see her little face glowing with joy. Instead she cried “Mommy, why didn’t Santa say Merry Christmas to me? He said it to Daddy!”

My poor little girl. I tried to explain that he couldn’t call everyone’s name, but you were only 4 years old. It is so hard to understand at that age. Even though he didn’t call your name, you were not forgotten. Not for one moment.

There is a new scrapbook related product out there that sounds like a great idea. Log Your Memory is selling a journaling prompt notebook (ebook or printed) to record your everyday life in 2010. I am seriously considering buying it.
I could use my lunches and bus ride to/from work to get caught up once I go back to work. Hmmm...

Well, that's all for today! Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. love the Christmas pages, makes me feel Jolly!!