Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nov 12 Update

It has been another busy week in our house! Just when I thought I was getting over this cold, it got worse. :( And now Danielle and Sara have it too. :( I am hoping that we'll all be able to get over it ASAP and be healthy for the rest of the year. Fingers crossed!!

Other events this week - we had our first Grade 1 portfolio night at Danielle's school. It went very well. She had lots of projects and school work to show us in her binder. It is neat to see how kids learn math, language arts, and science through colouring, cutting, gluing, etc. I can definitely see the changes in her reading and writing skills since Kindergarten. We are so proud of her!

The weather has been nice here all week, so Sara and I took Keisha for a walk by the pond a few blocks from our house. There are still lots of geese here in the city. You can get an idea by the picture here:

we took advantage of the day off (Remembrance Day was yesterday) and went to the park. It was +12c here, which is really unusual for this time of the year. The girls enjoyed the play ground and some close up views of the Canada Geese that are still sticking around. They are so used to people at this park that we had to go around them on the walking path because they didn't look like they were going to move!

Some good news for me when I opened my emails this morning - I was picked for layout of the day at Digitals for my page "My Snow Princess" (see post from last week). It was a great surprise! I have another page done this week too:

All I want for Christmas by Monica Larsen at

I also have a Christmas card on the go with this fantastic kit. I was hoping to get a picture of Danielle and Sara in their Santa hats so that I could finish it off, but with them both having colds, their noses are all red. Hopefully they will be much improved by this weekend and I can get the card done and ordered. It would be nice to get them out early for a change!

Anyway, that is all for today! Take care!

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