Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aren't colds the worst??

Hello! I know I haven't posted much lately, but I have been sick all week with a cold. The only symptom that is left is the cough and it is a doozie! It is one of those tickles in the back of the throat that just can't be ignored. :( So not much sleep lately. Double :(!

Fortunately last night I didn't cough as much, but then I was up half the night with baby Sara. At least she doesn't have this cold too! She is the only one in the house that managed to escape it. Knock on wood...

I have still been scrapbooking at least. It will take more than a cold to stop me - ha ha! I have some great LO's to show you:
Gentle as the Wind by Monica Larsen (to be released on Nov 1 at Scrapbook Elements)
Font is Tunga

Gentle as the Wind by Monica Larsen
Font is Pea Darlin' Deb

Halloween is fast approaching and I still have a few things to do. We need to buy a pumpkin to carve and candy to give out (we ate the first box already. Why do I buy candy early??!)

At least I have the costumes already. Though Danielle has changed her mind and wants to be a witch instead of a princess. I am trying to decide whether or not to buy a second costume since she has a fairly large princess dress that will go over her snow jacket (just in case, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let it be cold and snowy!!) She will need a costume for Friday at school and this one will be a bit loose without the jacket. I don't imagine she will want to wear her cat costume from last year again either. Sigh...

I am not opposed to buying a second costume since they are probably now on clearance, but my hubby is opposed to "evil" costumes such as witches. Danielle, being 6, wants to wear a similar costume to her two friends so that they can be witches together. (Peer pressure starts early!) So one of them is going to be unhappy. Perhaps I should send them to the store and they can argue it out on their own without involving me... :)

At any rate, Sara is going to be a cute little love bug and there should be no objections, at least none to the costume choice. I put it on her the other day and it is too cute for words:

Hopefully she will let me put it on her on Halloween night so that I can get some better pictures of her and Danielle together!

That's all for now! Hope you have a fantastic day!

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