Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend update!

Another Monday has come in a hurry and it appears that we are gearing up for another busy week! At least the temperature is rising, so with any luck, the deep freeze is over for a few weeks.

We had a great weekend here. Danielle's first "Swim Kids 1" lesson was this past Saturday morning. She did fantastic! They are practicing the same skills as she learned the first time around in "Sea Turtles", but she is much more confident, so she is participating more in class. When the instructor asked who would like to go next, she is almost always the first to put her hand up. What a difference a year makes!

She also had her first skating lesson on Sunday morning. She kept telling us that she didn't want to go, but once she got on the ice and through the lesson, she didn't want to leave and kept asking when she could go again. In that half hour, she learned how to get up off the ice, how to fall so that she doesn't hurt herself, and how to move forward. They even tried a bit of turning too. She did so well and we were so proud of her!

Sara is also busy learning new skills. She learned to crawl a few days ago, but has been rather hesitant and didn't move around a lot yet. She seems to be getting over that initial hurdle and now realizes that things are within her grasp if she wants them to be. The most interesting object of her desire appears to be Keisha. She makes a b-line directly for the dog and either pats her or tries to use her to pull herself up to stand. Thank goodness the dog is so easy going! I don't worry that she will bite Sara if I don't get there quick enough to intervene. And Keisha is still quicker than Sara, so when she sees her coming, she knows to get out of the way!

After I got Sara down for her nap this morning, I spent a few minutes playing with a feature I hadn't tried before in Photoshop Elements 7 - the group photomerge. We took some pictures of grandparents and grandkids at Christmas time, but as often happens, you take lots of pictures but one or more people have an odd expression or are not paying attention. I walked through the steps that were actually quite easy once I understood the directions and I am quite happy with the results.

Grandpa and Danielle look good in this one

Kyllie, Grandma, Sara & Justin look ok in this one
. Liam is looking away and Danielle is being a bit goofy

The end result

That's all for now! Have a great day!

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