Thursday, January 14, 2010

New pictures and weekly update

Wow, another week came and almost gone already! The week has been quiet, but there are still a few events to report.

Sara is sprouting more teeth again this week. The top left front tooth is protruding from her gums and the right top front tooth has just broken through. This probably explains the restless nights of late. Hopefully the worst part is done and we can have a few nights of peace and quiet before the next set of teeth decide to make their appearance.

The presence of teeth are really starting to change her appearance. She is becoming more little girl and less baby with each passing day. I was able to capture a photo of her with the bottom two showing. Very cute, I thought!

Danielle is getting more and more homework in Grade 1. In addition to her home reading package and weekly spelling test, we now have a weekly book report to do. Fortunately the book report can be on the home reading books, so we can do two tasks at once! There was a bag of sight words to practice too, but they seem to have disappeared and the booklet that her tests were to be stored in has not been sent home since November. I am sure that it will make an appearance again soon too.

And I know that this is just the beginning! At least I can help her with these assignments. When she takes Grade 12 Calculus, she'll be on her own!

And in other news...I became a Norwex consultant on Monday. I have decided to try my hand at selling their great environmentally friendly products. I like the idea of cleaning without chemicals while still getting great results. Their microfiber cloths are antimicrobial and antibacterial and in my home tests so far they have been working great!

I met a lady on Tuesday who also just became a consultant in December. She works in a lab at a local school and she has a degree in ecology and microbiology. For her own home party, she did a culture test on the Norwex antibac cloth vs. a clean cotton cloth vs. a Lysol disinfectant wipe. She repeated that test for the consultant team meeting and the results surprised me! The Lysol wipe only grew 2-3 spots in the dish, the Norwex cloth didn't have any visible spots, and the cotton cloth had so many it was gross. And it was a freshly laundered cotton cloth. Yuck!

At any rate, the Norwex antibac cloth and plain old warm water worked just as good as the Lysol wipe, so why would you want to use all those harsh chemicals?

I am just getting into all of this, so there is lots of reading and prepping to do. I am having my first party on Jan 31 at my house, so hopefully it goes well. I will have friends and family over so that I can practice on people I know instead of strangers. And if I make a sale or two too, it will have been a good start!

I gotta get my invitations out and I am not sure how much longer Sara will be napping this morning, so I better go! Have a great week!

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