Thursday, June 17, 2010

So long since the last update

Wow, what a lot of time has passed since my last update. It seems like life is passing by in the blink of an eye!

I am back to work full time now. I think we have settled into a routine, but that is all about to change. Next month, Sara will start a new daycare, Danielle will start summer camp, and soon to follow Brendon will start a new job. Our commute will be much shorter and hopefully as a result the days will be less hectic.

So much has happened since my last post, I hardly know where to start. Just this past week has been a big one as far as changes go.

Sara started last week off practicing standing up without assistance. It is so funny to see her stick her little bottom up in the air and then slowly raise her self upright. Her arms are out to the sides and her little toes dig into the carpet as she balances herself. Sometimes she goes too fast and immediately plops down on her bottom and then starts the whole process again. Now that she has had a week to practice, however, she is getting faster and faster and falls down less and less. Just a few days later, she decided to walk on her own too. She is still slow and deliberate with each step and you can see her thinking about each movement. But I know that it will not be long and each step will be graceful and easy and she will no longer have to think about it - she will just be a busy little girl on the go!

Danielle has had a big week too! We discovered the first loose tooth. At first she was scared, but now she is quite proud that she will lose a tooth and get a present from the tooth fairy. And since most of her friends are losing their teeth too, she is happy to be part of the group!

Danielle also took another big leap last week - the last training wheel came off her bike. It only took her a few minutes to find her center of balance and now she rides her bike back and forth, around and around every chance she gets.

I am so thrilled for both of my girls. They are so confident and happy and we couldn't be prouder of them. It is so amazing to see them both bloom right before our eyes. Before we know it, they will be grown up women with families of their own. But for now, they are our precious little ones and we are happy to share these moments with them.

Credits: Timeless and Lucky Lucky Me by Inspired Designs by Crystal

Credits: Bloom and Grow by Inspired Designs by Crystal

Credits: Kindergarten Crafts by Miss Mint

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